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The warm protected waters of the Caribbean Sea offer its visitors some of the world's best snorkeling, with dazzling coral reefs that are full of life. From the first splash off your Charter Yacht, you will be fascinated with its incredible underwater world, as it orchestrates its life from your birds-eye-view.
Whether you're an expert diver or want to learn, the Caribbean offers idyllic conditions, with its warm waters, crystal clear visibility, glorious coral reefs and an abundance of aquatic life. Your Charter Yacht is the ultimate dive platform, with a sea full of life just below, waiting for you to discover it. Between dives you can hop in a warm shower and rinse off the salt water, dine on decadent cuisine, and go on an exhilarating sail to the next excellent dive location. Or slip into the ocean at twilight for an enchanting night dive, and spend the evening with your fellow divers, reminiscing of your adventures that day.
Watch your kids having the time of their lives, as zip back and forth on water-skis, wakeboards, kneeboards, and tubes. Or hop on yourself and feel the exhilarating rush of skimming on ocean surface.
Explore the shallow waters of serene inlets, with not another soul in sight, neither accessible by yacht or foot, your kayak will allow you to discover this amazing ecosystem and get a glimpse of the life within.
Catch Dorado, King Fish, and Wahoo from the deep sea, or snag an elusive Bone Fish from the inlet shallows. And of course a fishing adventure would not be complete without the remarkable tales of the ones that got away.

A board, a sail, and the steady trade winds to propel you; enjoy this fantastic sport and ultimate form of sailing.  Zip across the ocean surface, as you control the power of the wind to go wherever you choose.

Float high above the ocean for an amazing birds-eye-view of paradise.  This is a serene feeling, with peaceful silence and as you admire the astonishing beauty of the islands and their topography.

Hike the “look-out” paths of historical sailors, explore the local floral and fauna on nature walks.  This is a great way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty, see a great view from above…or maybe just burn off the Crème Brulee you had last night!

Stroll the ocean shore, feeling the warm sand on your feet and letting the turquoise waters gently wash over your toes.  Watch the rhythmic motion each wave brings, and listen to its peaceful melody.  Search for the perfect shell for your memento of this wonderful experience.

Explore caves by land, dinghy, kayak, snorkel or scuba; these caverns tell an amazing story of how land forms were developed and the effects the ocean has had on their intricacy.  Discover sea and land creatures unique to cave environments as you explore these amazing sights.

From hieroglyphics, to ancient cities, and sugar mills; explore the ruins and archeological findings of olden times as you discover the history and its effects on today’s civilization.  Visit museums, galleries and concerts for a unique insight to the contemporary and historical culture.  Take delight in exciting festivals and cultural celebrations, as a parade of costumes, culinary delights and rituals are enjoyed by all. 

From Dance Clubs and elegant dinning, to dockside restaurants and make-shift “beach bars”; enjoy the vibrant night life ashore.  Whether it’s island fare and dancing to a steal band with your toes in the sand, or hitting the town for some fine dining and trendy party spots.  Meet “the locals”, cruisers and others enjoying their Charter Yacht vacation!

From local craft and artisan shops to fashionable boutiques and jewelry stores; find that perfect memento from your vacation and enjoy the excellent shopping in the busy ports!