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Written by group of 3 couples: "Recipe for a fabulous vacation…

Preparation Time: Almost none

Marinating Time: All week
Cooking Time: While the sun is out, or until perfectly tanned
1 heap of fun
7 beautiful days
8-10 great snorkelin g sights
7 dollops of complete relaxation
A dash or two of excitement

Mix all the above ingredients, add rum for proper consistency, serve with a gorgeous yacht and the perfect crew! ......The best vacation ever! Thanks!"

Written by family with adult kids: "Thank you for making our 30th Anniversary trip so wonderful! And for making our first sailing experience such a great vacation! From sunrise to sunset we were pampered like kings and queens! Our crew was wonderful, leading us on our adventure to a new paradise location each day. We had such a fabulous time!"

Written by group of 5 couples: "Breeze, booze, snooze, cruise. Overall, a wonderful week of fun and relaxation with gracious hosts. We learned how to "trim the sails", ate like royalty and forgot all about the stresses of work and city life. It was so nice to reunite with our old friends. What a blast! My face still hurts from smiling so much! With a "helms-a-lee!" and a "jibe-ho!"....we will certainly be back!"

Written by Honeymoon couple: "To say our trip was perfect would be an understatement. We cannot thank you enough for making our honeymoon so special! Our new life as a married couple couldn't have begun more beautifully...The food was fantastic, the anchorages and scuba diving were awesome, and our crew soon began to feel just like old friends. Can't wait till next year!"

Witten by Mother of three kids: "What a momentous trip! All my hopes of an ultimate vacation were exceeded. Watching my children have the time of their lives...and not even one mention of T.V. or video games! The crew were wonderful, accommodating in everyway. The snorkeling and beaches were spectacular, each anchorage was gorgeous. Thank you for taking such great care and making this vacation one we will never forget."

Written by 14yr old girl: "This vacation was so much fun.  I had a great time, we did so many things, like fishing, my first time wakeboarding, and awesome sailing.  I loved the snorkeling, especially the shipwreck, I felt so adventurous.  I loved all the games we played each night.  Sorry for the food pickiness. it wasn't the cooking, I'm always like that."
Written by 11yr old boy: "The crew taught me so much about sailing and how to tie knots.  I will never forget this vacation, the food was tasty.  On a scale from 1 to 10, this vacation was a 10.  When I get back home I am going to read all I can about sailing."
Written by 10yr old boy: "Christmas in the Caribbean was great!!  I loved snorkeling.  This was my first time sailing and I love it now.  Knee boarding rocked!!  Tubing was great too!! Kayaking rocked!! Everything was great!!"
Written by 6yr old girl: "It was an awesome Spring Break!  I really enjoyed the snorkeling and sailing to different Islands, and seeing dolphins!  The meals were great, especially desert.  The boat was really cool, I loved my cabin, especially the shower and all the places to put my stuff." 

The Rhinds: We chartered the 52' catamaran called "windscape" for a very special Christmas and New Years experience with our family. Our family of three boys, three girlfriends and us!! We were extremely pleased with the boat and captain and entire trip. The boat is in excellent condition and it both sails beautifully and is nicely appointed. The space is cleverly designed - including two living areas and four very equal bedrooms with ensuites. The kitchen is well outfitted and works very well - talk about a room with a view!  Teddy, our captain is both very knowledgable about sailing and the Virgin Islands plus great fun. We sailed as much as we wanted (which was a lot - and in the open big Christmas winds) and made time to use the onboard water sports equipment. We loved kayaking, SUPing, snorkelling and exploring in the dingy. Fishing was an added thrill. Our boys are very keen fishermen but catching ten large fish in ten days was hugely exciting!! Marlin, barracuda, little tunny & King fish - some we released and some we cleaned and barbecued onboard.  Hours from ocean to plate - delicious!  Teddy helped organize scuba (pick up from Windscape), lobster snarring, conch catching (made fresh ceviche) and great dining spots. We choose to have a captain so we could sail but not have the full responsibility of the boat and we would have a built-in local guide. We had the boat provisioned in St. Thomas for breakfasts and lunches and we then went out for all dinners. We found it great fun to have the flexibility to explore the islands at night.  I would love to repeat our exact trip and definitely with Teddy. Teddy became part of our family, another of our sons on the trip and we invited him to join us on excursions and dinners. 
BEST family trip ever!