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Let a friendly professional crew lead you on an exhilarating week in the Caribbean, with exceptional customer service and a goal of exceeding your expectations. Their local knowledge of the islands, ensures you will always be in the perfect setting, whether it's at the waters edge of the best bars and nightlife, or in serene bays with out another soul in sight. Sit back and plot your course though paradise, with Professionals guiding you to all the places you want to go, you can do as much or as little as you like. 

On a Crewed Yacht, you set your own pace, if you're the active type, your crew will help coordinate your endeavors, whether it's teaching you to scuba dive or sail, rigging your windsurfer, towing you on a water-ski, or just taking you to the best locations and pointing you in the right direction. If relaxation is more your tone, your crew will make sure you don't have to lift a finger, while you soak up the sun and scenery. Or better yet, take your kids wakeboarding, while you sip cocktails and enjoy some alone time.

Your Chef will tantalize your taste buds with delicious meals, catered to each person's preference, offering a variety of cultural flavors and ingredients that you desire.  You will not only get excited for the adventures ahead, but also for what your Chef has in preparation for your upcoming meals!  Wakeup to the aroma of fresh coffee and a delicious breakfast at your leisure, snorkel while a scrumptious lunch is awaiting your return, enjoy a spread of appetizers while sipping cocktails…and when the sun sets, take pleasure in an enchanting evening of fine dinning under the stars!  From epicureans to picky eaters, your Chef is sure to impress everyone!

At the end of your vacation, you will have made new friends with your gracious hosts. A Crewed Yacht Vacation is one of customization, with a perfect crew that suits your personality, from laid-back to formal, let The Charter Yacht Company find the ideal Crew for you!

"The crew truly made our vacation all the more special.  They helped us squeeze in so much into just one week!!  Each and every day was simply perfect, and every hour was therapy for the soul.  The crew was so kind and patient with our kids.  I can't believe we were worried about them not liking this vacation??!!  They said that it was the best holiday they have ever had...and we agree with them!"

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